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I need to thank DWIH TEAM, INOVA Unicamp and all the supporters who contribute to this worldwide scientific exchange.

THANK YOU FALLING WALLS FOUNDATION, you are amazing and one day I will be in BERLIN to thank you personally.

This videopitch presents an important, extraordinary and NEW COMPUTATIONAL PARADIGM.

Since 1960, B-tree and its variations have been the basis for search and storage algorithms (data allocation) on the Web and in databases. I presented the breaking of this computational paradigm in this videopitch of the exceptional event FALLING WALLS LAB BRAZIL - 2020.

The Experience was incredible and we are all WINNERS !!! Let qualified proposals come to transform the mathematical algorithm into a computational tool. This work goes beyond financial resources. These are important scientific advances in several areas with authoritative mathematical formulas and never published in printed books or e-books. There are some articles, including about this paradigm break that I published in AJCM - American Journal of Computational Mathematics, but the formulas are not in their entirety and neither have been presented in detail.

I am sure it will revolutionize several areas and the proof is there. A performance greater than 0 (log n) of the Binary Searches Tree or B-tree. Faster, more precision and objectivity and the end of useless results in web searches. I manage to reduce the users' cognitive overload, because I perform a clean search with my method, and I still mitigate the Overheads of large data centers. A pity that I could not transmit faithfully on the videopitch above, but it was worth a lot. This paradigm break needs to be heard, investigated and proven with large masses of data.

I will wait patiently for the evaluations and insights of the main companies necessarily linked to Universities in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and, of course, Brazil. Proposals able to transform HERU SEARCH METHOD into a GLOBAL solution are welcome.

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